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By making the world’s First AI-Powered Mobile Device Management better than ever, enterprises can now empower their workforce and their mission-critical devices with the latest innovation on Mobile Device Management.


Connects all rugged devices and IoT endpoints without causing any interruptions to your operations. Fastest deployment in the MDM Market.


Based on Federated Machine Learning concepts, our platform emphasizes on security of all business assets and adherence to policy. Everything that goes in and out is monitored and guarded.

big data

Our data-centric approach emphasizes the secure collection from various data endpoints. Big Data analyzes these endpoints, predicts problems and creates solutions simultaneously.

artificial intelligence

An intelligent platform that boosts asset productivity – both People and Hardware. Artificial Intelligence works as analytics that creates synergy to transform your business further and meet future opportunities better.

market competency

A premium Mobility Solution at a competitive price? Yes, we’ve made it happen. Ask us for a quote and be convinced! We’ll even throw in Free Support Services.

global support

Our global team of experts are available for a consultation, demonstration or technical support. Talk to us about what your enterprise needs and we will assemble the best solution.

Innovators of Mobile Device Management. Leaders in the Mobility Space

100% Customer satisfaction

Hands down the best UEM/MDM Platform in the market today.

no. 1 choice

For innovation and price, it is first-in-mind for Global Enterprises.

Global support

Full-time customer support available across geographical borders. It’s why customers have made a switch!

What We Offer

Springdel Technology offers the next-generation intelligent Edge Computing Solution for IoT Endpoints. It is the world’s First fully Extensible Platform able to connect to Every ‘THING’. Our intelligent solution helps IT ecosystems better manage their mobile device deployments by placing it on autopilot. As a solutions provider, we aspire to lead the discussion of how a reliable unified endpoint management (UEM/MDM/EMM) system can dominate the IoT and mobility space.

Things That Matter To Us

We must never stop talking about the value of a good Mobile Device Management platform.
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