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Springdel Technology Participates in Strategic InnoVEX in Taiwan

ONTARIO, CANADA, April 24, 2019 – With the goal of leading the innovation on mobile technology and device management in the world of IoT, Springdel Technology Ltd. announces our attendance at “Asia’s leading startup platform” InnoVEX this coming May 29 – 31, 2019 in Taiwan.

Our attendance will be another substantial move towards growing our network in Asia inaddition to Europe and North America. As a startup keen on leading the conversation ofextensible device management platforms based on the principle of mobile edge computing, we see a substantial gap in the market. The goal is to be able to provide one true AI-Powered Mobile Edge Computing Platform and showcase the many applications this technology has.

This year, Springdel presents a game-changing solution by introducing our flagship productinto the market.  It is a Unified Endpoint Management system called SPRINGMATIC – an Extensible Device Management Platform that can connect and take full control of EVERY ‘THING’. In terms of Mobility Management, Springdel will be known as the first creators of a comprehensive IoT Device Management system able to connect to ALL rugged devices and endpoints and integrate all OS and existing platforms.

With Springdel’s current team of collaborators composed of industry insiders and innovators working around the clock on research and developing ideas that can expand the world of Mobility, we have the synergies to incorporate Artificial Intelligence and Big Data which is a
first in the industry.

Also unprecedented is the leap towards using Federated Machine Learning for advanced data and AI application.

We are ONE source. THE source. ONE PLACE that has all mobile and IoT platform/ software solutions capable of managing IoT devices, data and their sources – something the market is ready for and need. We’re opening the door to showcase the vast potential of reliable Mobile Edge Computing Technology right in your hands so you can watch it optimize your enterprise.

Our presence in this year’s InnoVEX is an opportunity to meet our market head-on and offer a valuable service. And we’re poised to take on great challenges this year!

Link up with us for a meeting and initial discussion: For more details, reach out to our
Marketing/PR: patty@springdel.com. Check out our website for more information.