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Springdel Technology Participates in Asia’s Biggest Tech Conference in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, July 02, 2019 – Springdel Technology is present at RISE this year to scale and expand our reach within our customers and partners in Asia. We’re showcasing on July 10 at BETA Booth B116 at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre. 

Springdel Technology’s goal of leading the innovation on mobile technology and device management within APAC’s IoT space can be achieved by meeting partners in the sectors of retail, manufacturing and transportation. Springdel is founded by veterans in technology who know the market well and understand what it needs right now.   

With headquarters in Hong Kong and an engineering team in Canada, our expertise lies in creating the next generation intelligent mobility technology. Everyone talks of but are not nearly as focused on next generation solutions. That’s where we lead with our flagship platform called Springmatic UEM

Springmatic UEM is based on the concepts of Federated machine learning which strengthens the security of data in ALL business-critical devices. We’ve made it fully extensible to make deployments simplified and error-free.

Springmatic is fully capable of predicting downtimes of mobile and IoT devices, including Kiosks and other peripherals. Artificial Intelligence is used as analytics to create real-time reporting. Big Data is leveraged to increase productivity where it matters to an enterprise. This dynamic data centric approach to device management is what empowers IT infrastructures to control vital operational assets and reach true productivity. 

Our presence in RISE 2019 is a strategic one. Our approach coming into the conference is one of leadership and a challenge we expected to face this year. We’re poised and ready for this challenge! All it takes is to begin a conversation with us. Catch us at RISE 2019 this coming July 8-11.

Link up with us for a meeting and initial discussion: Kindly reach out to our Marketing/PR: patty@springdel.com and click your invitation to see more details on where to find us on venue.