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Springdel Technologies Showcases First In the World And Most Secure Remote Control Feature in the Entire MDM Space

ONTARIO, Canada, October 05, 2019 – Dubai becomes the center of technology for 6 days with the 39th GITEX Technology Week happening on October 06-10, 2019. Coming in with the goal of leading the innovation in device management, Springdel Technologies brings forward our unique message of having a data centric approach to device management and what it can change. 

Within the space of mobility and IoT, no one else is able to deliver complete solutions and IT Administrators have to continually deal with many pain points because of this big gap. This is something our flagship product SPRINGMATIC UEM can change.

Springmatic UEM is the world’s first data-centric device management solution. One of the most important features we have developed is what’s lacking in the MDM space.

No other MDM solutions provider has ever thought of the potential of having a secured Remote Control feature and what issues it can mend or get rid of completely. What we bring to the table is one we are proud to innovate- MULTI-ADMINISTRATOR REMOTE CONTROL

It’s “shared” control for multiple administrators to have the power to view their entire fleet of enrolled devices from one panel. The easy-to-use interface is only one of the benefits. The biggest improvement to Remote Control is to allow multiple IT admins to simultaneously view and control devices that are out in the field. Lightning fast responsiveness and secure end-to-end encrypted communication ensures that nothing slips through the cracks.

Speaking of an easy-to-use interface, we delivered as promised. Our simple user interface takes no time at all to learn because of its intuitiveness. It runs on all Android and also non-GSM devices which is another benefit of a fully extensible platform. There is no need to open special ports on your corporate network, nor will there ever be a need to hire additional IT specialists to make sense of how the solution works.

Value for money, SPRINGMATIC UEM is the best choice UEM/MDM platform to work with because it delivers on features while being able to lower total cost of ownership of devices. How? Procuring work devices that are better managed by a solution that’s able to predict issues and solve them, there will be no pangs of pain for IT environments to address.

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