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Springdel Technologies Showcases Data-Centric Approach to Device Management With An Intelligent UEM Meant To Handle Business-Critical Devices

ONTARIO, Canada, October 02, 2019 – The upcoming 39th GITEX Technology Week happening in Dubai on October 06-10, 2019 will be an exciting event for Springdel Technologies because it will be our springboard to showcase Springmatic UEM as the world’s first data-centric device management solution in the market.

Springmatic UEM is the Next Generation Mobile Device Management Platform based on Federated Learning And Artificial Intelligence that predicts operational downtime of ALL devices.

In a world of mobility, device management is nothing new but the market has not yet seen a platform that emphasizes the power of data and why that matters in today’s data-driven world for an enterprise.

Our data-centric approach empowers enterprises and ALL their mission-critical hardware with the latest innovation and upgrades. Specifically, we bring to the market features that traditional mobile device management does not emphasize or ignores outright:

  • Multi-Administrator Remote Control – First in the world to offer most secure Multiple Admins Remote Control. This allows cross-departmental evaluation in order to detect and resolve problems faster. It’s “power” of control to view and manage devices remotely which enables admins to triage issues on the device without having to return it to the service center.  
  • Kiosk Mode – Administrators now have the power to “blacklist” malicious and unproductive apps or “whitelist” sanctioned apps – an essential which prevents users from entering the core operating system to ensure there is no malicious activity. It restricts users to sanctioned apps preventing unproductive use of the device. 
  • A comprehensive suite of Mobile Application Management features which quickly and securely deliver apps from the server to devices from a single admin tool It also enables silent installation of apps and their updates.

We’re moving the device management industry towards a fully extensible MDM platform because we believe in making enterprises ready for the future and that going beyond the traditional MDM will lead to ultimate productivity for both workers and ALL their trusted devices.

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