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Springdel for Rugged Devices

Your Rugged Devices Made More Efficient By Springmatic UEM

By using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technology, problems affecting productivity and performance on rugged devices can now be predicted and resolved faster.

Faster Deployment

Devices can be integrated in less time resulting in significant cost savings.

data secured

Keeps ALL data secured on the device ensuring policy compliance

operating 24/7 

Framework for remote customer support virtually eliminating downtime on the devices


Customizable to the user for integrated solutioning.

How Rugged Devices Are Improved

Springmatic UEM solves problems associated with the functionalities of rugged tablets, phones and other endpoints while addressing various pain points for enterprises whose operations highly depend on them.

large and complicated deployment

Simplifying deployments for enterprise IT resources and erases large-scale onboarding burdens while bringing business interruptions to a minimum.

MDM's Reactive Nature

Deployments can be simplified to being predictive of potential issues rather than to react only when they are reported.

Limited Global Support

Some solutions tend not to work well when crossing geological borders. That’s no longer the case with us.

Key Functions

Unique Key Features Made For Rugged Endpoints


Easy and Automated Enrollment

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Supports several onboarding options for easy and automated enrollment, including pre-loading, barcode scanning, side loading and NFC Zero Touch.

Kiosk Mode

Secure Kiosk Mode

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Prevents users from entering the core operating system to ensure there is no malicious activity.

WiFI Profiles

Sets WIFI Profiles From One Console

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Sets WIFI profiles from a single remote management console for ease of managing profiles on all the managed devices.

Remote Reboot

Access To Reboot Remotely

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Gives administrators access to remotely reboot the system when it is required for a specific purpose.

Notifications Center

Dynamic Notifications and Alerts

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Real-time alerts for Admins on important activities happening on the device such as low battery and system security breaches.

Application Management

Full Mobile Application Management Features

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A comprehensive suite of Mobile Application Management features which quickly and securely deliver them from server to devices from a single plane.


Monitored Security Boundary

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Administrator predefines a “Virtual Fence” established so devices can be monitored and controlled within the security boundary.


File Syncing

No Fail File Sync

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Ability to sync and share files from one source to all managed devices.

Remote Wipe

Access To Remote Wipe

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Ability to remotely wipe out previous settings and data files on the device and restore it to factory settings.

Remote Control

Multi Administrator Remote Control

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Gives power of control to administrators to view and manage devices remotely which enables them to diagnose issues on the device without having to return it to the service center.


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