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Intelligence Needed For Superior Kiosk Management

SPRINGMATIC for Kiosks is integrated into SPRINGMATIC Data Platform to collect and utilize big data for business intelligence and machine learning. Its secure remote control/view makes it easy to resolve common device and app issues.

Springmatic for kiosk

Remote Control

Views and monitors kiosk activity from anywhere in the world by remotely controlling kiosks using computer mouse/keyboard input.

Easily view and monitor kiosk activity from anywhere in the world.

It is also capable of remotely controlling kiosks using computer mouse/keyboard input.

Springmatic for kiosk

Maintain Compliance, Security, and Privacy

Helps retailers meet various security and privicy policies required by laws which define securing payment information, new and existing data privacy regulations (GDPR Policies) in order to make collection and storage of customer data private as mandated.

Mobile devices used as Point of Sale (POS) terminals must adhere to the PCI-DSS standard to protect the cardholder's data and reduce credit card fraud.

SPRINGMATIC for Kiosks helps retailers meet the requirements mandated by the PCI Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines.

It also enables additional layers of security such as preventing unauthorized access by protecting endpoint identities.

In addition to securing payment information, new and existing data privacy regulations such as GDPR makes it mandatory to keep all customer data private.

Springmatic for kiosk

Advance Ticket Management

Help Desk support technicians now can create, track and resolve tickets based on accumulated data.

Create, manage, filter and search for previous notes on tickets/issues to build up a knowledgeable data.

Help desk technicians now can create, track and resolve tickets based on accumulated data.

Springmatic for kiosk

Deploy Devices Quickly

Easy integration into entire fleet of kiosks and doesn’t require long hours to set up according to company policies.

Springmatic for Kiosks gets mobile devices into the hands of your workers faster ensuring they are set up according to company mobility policies.

It delivers express enrollment via barcode scanning or NFC ‘Bump.'

Springmatic for kiosk

Data Platform Integration and Machine Learning (Beta)

Intelligently integrates your Kiosks & its Apps into Springmatic UEM Data Platform

It enables big data & machine learning on the cloud or at the edge without the need for centralized data storage hurdles.

This would translate to lower costs in hosting and bandwidth fees.

Follows best practice security protocols by ensuring GDPR Compliance in all stages of data collection.

Fully capable of integrating customer value-added services such as loyalty programs, instant recommendations, AI personalization based on customer data.

Springmatic for kiosk

Device Monitoring and Automation

Provides insight into the kiosk terminal’s true state as it checks and reports issues automatically.

Provides a wide range of tools to monitor devices and react to a changing device state.

Collects and monitors health statistics from apps and files on the device revealing comprehensive and true insight.

Single Plane View of all automated activities like app deployment and upgrades.

Problems Solved For Kiosks

The more units/kiosks a retailer deploys, the bigger the loss of revenue if downtime happens.

A damaged device is vulnerable to hacks, precious customer data can be stolen.

Downtime on Kiosk/Units can be caused by anything. If your system is down, sales and customer satisfaction are going to suffer.

When customers are dissatisfied, the brand will suffer the consequences


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