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Enterprises today see the advantage of relying on a good IoT Device Management platform in order to upgrade their current systems. But the  problem they most encounter when selecting which platform fits them best is overlooking the salient features which matters most to their business.

It’s an easy one to disregard – while some aspects of IoT solutions may look promising, not everything can fit into every single enterprise’s needs. And these requirements are most often diverse and unique to the enterprise itself.

If you take a look at what’s available in the market, IoT solutions being deployed can range from remote asset tracking, asset maintenance to logistics and mobility management, automation on factory-specific work and even predictive capabilities. Only one thing rings true for all of these available solutions – all enterprises can benefit from only ONE but not ALL aspects of the solution which shouldn’t be the case. When you select the “right” IoT device management platform, you must nit-pick carefully from a variety of features and promises. 

Identifying What’s Out There

There are a number of device management solutions that exist and are currently in use for their own key features and branding. 

For example: Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM offer their version of data-driven and focused platforms. They each have strong features that secure their place in the market. A handful of others are also doing the same things – they collect, process and interpret data to suit various applications. However, they are not yet complete in range in terms of delivering ALL that a device management platform MUST DO – which is to securely deploy, monitor, maintain, manage and update all of the connected assets within an enterprise. 

And yet some others do stand out for connecting their solutions to new generation systems and that take IoT device management platforms up a notch by enabling edge-to-cloud security features that are built in. 

One obvious thing to remember when you’re looking for a device management solution – go for the one that tailors in your most critical needs and integrates some salient features which only work for your enterprise. 


Proceed by identifying the key areas in your current IT environment that need a solution the most before you can actively select which device management solutions to go for. Keep in mind as well, that there are many types of features marketed in a variety of ways but they really only point to a one-solution-fits-all model.

Your current IT Team must ensure that any solution you deploy must be capable of doing these three (3) key attributes:

  • Easily scalable. Must be able to connect every single device within your setup and that can be anywhere from one device to the tens of thousands of your remote endpoints.
  • Easily manageable. Capable to support all possible cases by predicting even the most high-value ones in real time. Provide the solution without causing delays.
  • Built indestructible and impenetrable. Must be able to meet all strict security requirements and be able to protect devices from any and all types of security threats.

The very best of IoT Device Management Solutions understand the importance of deployment versatility without sacrifice to the consumer. They should seamlessly coalesce data management and understand why this dictates device management. Data is an enterprise’s treasure and securing it takes priority at the end of the day. However, aside from rock solid security, leveraging all that information to solve problems for the enterprise makes it the most ideal solution ever. 

Above all, an error-free and cost-effective solution are what matters for an enterprise.What Enterprises look for is a provider who builds a platform around their target prerequisites. The most high-value IoT device management solutions may take on many other important features but they can only stand out if they excel at the grassroots level because of customer customizations bespoken of an enterprise.

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