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What We Do, We Do Best

By leading the conversation of innovation within the Mobility space, we aim to provide the best solutions for global enterprises. Championing Mobile Device Management and its vital role in Global Business Technology.

What We Are All About

We are Springdel and we exist to bring a game-changer in Mobility Management to the global stage with the world’s first true AI-Powered Mobile Device Management.

We are the first creators of a comprehensive IoT Device Management system able to connect to ALL rugged devices and endpoints – it is an advanced and intelligent mobile device management platform that is unique to the market as it’s the first to be fully extensible solution based on the principles of federated machine learning and edge computing.

Our current team of collaborators composed of industry insiders and innovators is working nonstop on research and developing ideas that can expand the world of IoT Mobility. Getting enterprises ready for new-age business opportunities is our main mission. And our goal is to make mobile technology transitions as seamless as possible for every globally-competitive enterprise

Our Customers Come First

Our commitment is how we are different. We’ve created an innovation that is able to help set the future of enterprises to be IoT and edge computing ready.

User Friendly and Easy To Train

No complicated instruction materials required for training staff.

Availabe for Demo and Testing

Easily Testable. Requests for Demo can be made with a simple email.

Simple Orders Engagement

Quick Order Processing and an accessible Sales Support staff

Zero Touch Deployment

Deployments made easy and simple with Zero Touch Capability

Full Support

Provides solution support for all customers and integrated devices.

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Founder & CTO

Not Your Ordinary Mobile Device Management Platform

Our unique Data-Centric approach to managing mission-critical devices for Enterprises help boost their operational productivity by incorporating Federated Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It’s a solution which enables new mobility frontiers and turn them into opportunities for Global Enterprises.


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